EU 5KWH All-in-one LiFePO4 lithium battery 51.2V100AH Home energy storage system

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  • Model DP511-R | All-in-One Home energy storage system
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1.Capacity: 5,000Wh, Cycles > 6000 times.  Support 4G communication.
2. AC output power: 5KW;  AC output voltage: 220Vac; AC output frequency: 50/60HZ
3. Dual MPPT, large current input, compatible with 550 large components, flexible configuration.
4, integrated design, with backup power supply and peak cutting and valley filling function. Intelligent management system, a variety of working modes, to meet customer needs.

5. Smart BMS Battery safety management system, which ensures battery safety. 
6. Support anti-reverse flow function.
7, with over temperature/over current/short circuit protection and other functions to ensure safe, stable and reliable operation of the system.

8. Provide a variety of user-friendly communication module options, such as RS485,
GPRS, WiFi and other options, suitable for computer, mobile phone or Internet monitoring and remote operation.
9. The highest conversion efficiency is as high as 97.5%.
10. IP21(Indoor) protection level, light weight, small size, easy installation.

10.Charge and discharge time and power can be programmed.
11. PV input voltage:120~450Vdc
12.This is an integrated energy storage system including a hybrid inverter and lithium batteries(1 to 6 pieces)
13. this model realizes line pre-installation and factory testing to ensure fast installation.

Basic Parameters
100Ah(Standard )
Internal resistance
Size and weight
Electrical Parameters
Charging mode
constant current
Charging Current
1C(Maximum constant current@25℃)
Overcharge protection voltage
Discharge mode
constant current
Over-discharge protection voltage
Discharge Current
0.5C(Standard )
1C(Maximum constant current@25℃)
Working Parameters
Working Temperature
Charging (Small Current):0℃~+45℃
Discharge(Small Current)-20℃~+55℃
Storage Temperature
Conventional storage temperature:-10~+45℃(Three months ,SOC:20%~60%)
Conventional storage temperature:
< 1 month:-5~+45℃
>6 months:0~+35℃
Storage Humidity
Transportation Environment


  • Home Battery System 5KW+5KWH Large capacity all-in-one to provide plenty of power in any power outage.
  • Strong compatibility to easily power any high wattage household appliances and equipment (air conditioners, microwaves, refrigerators, chainsaws, TVs, drills, etc.).
  • Fast charging with 99% efficient storage of electricity.
  • Safer Battery BMS Management System.
  • Easier to install, easier to use. Compatible with over 90% of solar panels, please enquire before ordering if in doubt.
  • Warrenty: 5 years.
  • Fast shipping within Europe and South Africa.
  • 100% Payment Secure.
  • View《 DP511-R All-in-one Battery System User Manual 》
It’s all about the details. We create a limited range so we can focus obsessively on quality.
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Energy storage


5KWH Storage System

Power Almost All Appliances,Save Your Electricity Bills,Say Goodbye To Power Outages

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It’s all about the details. We create a limited range so we can focus obsessively on quality.

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about Dipower (energy storage)

What's the quality of the battery?

Dipower has taken "high quality" as the core of the brand since its birth, and we firmly adopt high-quality batteries (BYD, CATL, EVE, Tafel) to ensure a better user experience, safety and stability.

Is there a warranty after-sales service for the batteries?

Dipower insists on a better service philosophy and is committed to being the first energy storage solution for thousands of homes. For batteries and inverters, we offer a three-year after-sales repair service, and return and exchange service.

How can I place an order?

First select the model you want, add it to the shopping cart and checkout, then fill in the order information and check that all information is correct, and finally submit the order and pay. All user information is kept strictly private and payment is protected by a secure network environment on
Where are the parcels sent from?
Once you have completed your order, the parcel will be sent from pfungstadt in Germany and Sandton in South Africa. The parcel will be delivered within 3-9 days after the parcels are ready, if you need to collect the parcel in person you can contact Dipower's official customer service.
What is the battery life of the Dipower?
Dipower has excellent battery life, with a battery life of up to 6,000 cycles.Dipower efficiently supports a wide range of usage needs and usage scenarios in the home. Actual battery life may vary depending on your usage and specific settings selected.